Zencastr - The Easiest Way To Record Your Podcast Guests In High Quality

Podcasting is Getting Crowded and You Need to Stand Out

Now that the podcasting space is heating up, there is a lot of opportunity for podcasters to be heard and make money.  There is also a LOT more competition.  In order to stand out, you don't only need great content, but a great sound.  

It is pretty basic to get a decent recording when you and your guest are in the same room.  But what about when you have guests over Skype or Hangouts?  Your audio sounds great, but they sound distant at best and can completely cut out at times.  This is the problem that Zencastr can help you solve.

Current VOIP Recording Solutions Don't Cut It

While there are many solutions out there to record your VIOP calls, all of them rely on recording your guest's audio at your end AFTER it has already been compressed.  VOIP programs like Skype optimize for real-time conversation, not for quality.  This means that if your internet connection slows down, Skype compresses the life out of your guests audio.  This can cause artifacts in the audio stream that are very noticeable to your listeners.  Many listeners stop listening to podcasts because of bad quality an never tell the host why.  All of your time and effort put into making great content and scheduling interesting guests can go down the drain over the recording quality

Enter Zencastr

I'm happy to announce Zencastr, the easiest way to record your Skype/Hangouts/VOIP guests in high quality.

Zencastr works in your browser.  This means that all you have to do is send a link to your guests and hit record.  Their audio will be recorded on their end before it gets compressed and garbled.  Then it is automatically streamed to your Dropbox account.  No more junk audio and no more trying to teach your guests how to export and send you audio.  Just crystal clear audio that sounds like you were sitting in the same room.

Try it Now Free

Zencastr is currently in beta and is free of charge to use.  Why not give it a shot?  You won't regret it and neither will your listeners.  Get started today at zencastr.com.

PS - If you have any suggestions for how Zencastr can be better please let me know at josh@zencastr.com


Posted on July 15, 2015 .