How-to Podcast Blog Series: Launching February, 2019.

Jeff wants to start a podcast.

Just before Thanksgiving I got an email from Jeff, a realtor in LA, who was looking to start a podcast but wasn’t sure where to start. (A common question / problem.) Podcasting is great. It’s fun. And, candidly, it’s good for business (so long as your podcast isn’t just an ad for yourself, but you’re providing your audience entertainment/ideas/expertise).


Jeff is trying to differentiate himself in the very crowded field of residential real estate in southern California. He came across Zencastr and wanted to see if podcasting might be a good medium for him. I replied and we discussed the opportunity, basics of what’s involved, what podcasting is and what it isn’t. Fast-forward and Jeff is about to launch!

Since we don’t have an eBook or set of articles articulating “how-to podcast” (yet), I figured it might be worthwhile to document the experience of Jeff getting start with his podcast, come up with ideas, interview subjects, podcast promotion, brand his podcast and how to stay consistent with content.


Over the next few weeks I’ll break down the process start-to-finish with insights form Jeff on how the process was first-hand. Hope you find it helpful! Please let me know if there are items or questions you want to make sure are addressed/answered. I’d love for this to be informative and iterative as we go.

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Stay tuned for blog #1.

Posted on January 31, 2019 .