You Don't Need to Be an Audio Engineer to Have a Studio Quality Podcast

Photo by Anthony Brown/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Anthony Brown/iStock / Getty Images

I'm happy to announce that we've got some new features available on that will make your life easier and your audio sound better than ever.  Here's the rundown.

Final Mix Track

Once you are finished recording a show, you will see an option for Automatic Postproduction.  This generates a final mix track out of the separate audio files that were recorded and places it in your dropbox account next to your other project files.  But thats just the beginning.

Curated Audio Enhancements for Amazing Sound

In addition to mixing the tracks together, Zencastr will run a curated set of battle-tested audio enhancements over your audio to ensure that your final mix sounds great.  Here are some details.

High-pass Filter - Filters unnecessary and disturbing low frequencies depending on the context (speech, music, noise).

Adaptive Leveling - Corrects level differences between speakers, music and speech, etc. to achieve a balanced overall loudness.

Loudness Normalization - Adjusts the global, overall loudness so that all processed files have a similar average loudness.

Noise Reduction - Classifies regions with different background noises and automatically removes noise and hum.

Adaptive Noise Gate - If audio is recorded with multiple microphones and all signals are mixed, the noise of all tracks will add up as well. The Adaptive Noise Gate decreases the volume of segments where a speaker is inactive, but does not change segments where a speaker is active. This results in much less noise in the final mixdown.

Crossgate - If one records multiple people with multiple microphones in one room, the voice of speaker 1 will also be recorded in the microphone of speaker 2. This crosstalk (spill), a reverb or echo-like effect, can be removed by the Crossgate, because we know exactly when and in which track a speaker is active.

Now you don't need a degree in Audio Engineering to make your podcast sound professional.  Simply click Automatic Postproduction and let us do the heavy lifting for you.


Currently these audio enhancements are only available on the final mix track and are not configurable, but that will change.  Depending on demand, these will be available for processing the individual audio tracks for those of you who still want to edit your final mix yourself.  Also we will soon be adding a configuration panel so you can customize the process.

Podcasters differ a lot in how hands-on they want to be with their audio.  Would you use the Automatic Postproduction and Final Mix generation?  Are you more interested in simply having the option to run some enhancements on the individual tracks?  Let me know in the comments.


Posted on August 1, 2015 .