Configurable Postproductions, Optional WAV Recordings, and More Reliable VoIP

Hey Friends,

I've got a few updates and bug fixes for you this week.

Configurable Postproductions

I've added the ability to configure the enhancements that are applied to your postproductions.  When you create a postproduction you will now see an 'Advanced Options' button below the tracks.  The default settings are generally pretty good so you don't need to worry about changing these unless you know what you are doing.

  • Loudness Target - This is the target volume for the tracks.
  • Leveler - Adjusts the volume of the tracks so they are all the same.  Also normalizes the volume within the tracks so you don't have quiet and loud segments.
  • Noise Gate - This will remove background noise when the speaker on the track is silent
  • Cross Gate - When it detects a speaker on one track, it will duck the volume of the others.

Optional WAV Recordings

Many of you requested to make the WAV recordings optional since they take a fair amount of time to upload after the recording is finished.  Simple enough to do.  I have now added a setting on the dashboard that lets you opt in/out of wav recordings.  The default is off so make sure you turn this feature on if you do want to record in WAV.  You will find the setting just below the cloud drive information.

More Reliable VoIP

Without getting too technical, the built-in VoIP was unable to operate if you or your guests were in large, complex networks that are common at office spaces and universities.  A few of you ran into issues with this.  I have now set up another server that will help Zencastr's VoIP connect even in these circumstances. If you have contacted me about this in the past, please let me know if this has resolved the problem or if there is some more work that needs to be done here.

Thank You

Thanks for all the feedback, well-wishes, and support you guys give me.  It is great to see so many people finding value in the project and invested in it's success.  I hope to add a lot of great features in the future.  Please keep the feedback coming in.

Until next time.

Posted on January 25, 2016 .