Podcast Spotlight Series (#3): Ian Farrar and Industry Angel


Ian is a longtime Zencastr user and industry luminary. He’s prolific when it comes to creating content, especially podcasts, and today we’re pleased to bring you our spotlight of Ian and his podcast, Industry Angel Business Podcast.

Industry Angel
Podcast for entrepreneurs
Made in the UK
— Industry Angel Haiku

Ian interviews guests both in-person and remotely about a wide range of topics from productivity, entrepreneurship, NGOs, LinkedIn advertising, and even mobile home investing.


To be clear, Ian didn’t set out to be a podcaster, rather it became an exercise in documenting his journey as an entrepreneur. Through that journey he began to offer up actionable tips for fellow entrepreneurs who were at all stages of their journey. Highly applicable to anyone interested in running a business, productivity, marketing and sales, his listeners are not only business owners but also employees that are looking to innovate advance and progress their careers in meaningful ways.


Ian says that podcasting can be a time-consuming project, but one he doesn’t feel comfortable offloading to a Virtual Assistant, like many of his podcasting peers. Like many entrepreneurs Ian would love to share the workload (and reclaim some time in his day) but he is simply the best person to infuse passion into Industry Angel, so he manages the edit and promotion all himself.


ian Farrar.jpg


As far as equipment, he uses the podcasting staple mic; Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB, which plug directly into his laptop and records using Zencastr for interviews. When Ian records his monthly live podcast (see photo), he goes beyond audio and streams both audio and video across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. For that audio he plugs his mics into a Zoom H4n Pro Handy Recorder.


Ian is very pragmatic when it comes his best tip for podcasters starting out. “My top tip is not to invest in high end audio equipment immediately.  Mid-range equipment works extremely well.  I would also suggest to use the remaining budget on services such as hosting and audio recording.”

Learn more about Ian and his Industry Angel podcast here:






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Posted on May 16, 2018 .